I am an Assistant Professor at Tulane University. I completed my PhD from the University of Arizona in 2021, working with Dr. Carlos Scheidegger. After completing my PhD, I was a postdoc and CI Fellow at Virginia Tech working with Dr. Chris North from January 2022 - December 2023. My research interests lie at the intersection of data science/analysis and visualization. Specifically, I am interested in creating visualization methods and systems to increase understandability of analysis programs and workflows, as well as faciliate human interaction with analysis methods to faciliate human-ai interaction.

My current work focuses on using program transformations to extract information from programs as they execute and visualizing the extracted information to faciliate explainability. Initially, I focused on extracting information specifically from dimensionality reduction methods to help explain the resulting projections (see DimReader). After completing that project, I shifted to extracting and visualizing execution information and values from python programs through program traces for the purpose of debugging and understanding these programs (see Anteater).